Taking A Mental Break: Why & How

Working from home, the new normal, has become a central part of the transformed work lifestyle during this pandemic. In these times of uncertainties, we understand that the challenge in adjusting to this way of life. Do remember that you are not alone and that we will get through this together!  

Whether you are a workaholic or not, the key to staying motivated and focused throughout the day is taking breaks. Besides knowing when to stop working and having digital detoxes, remember to take periodic breaks every day to focus on yourself. 

When you feel like your stress levels have reached their peak, taking a mental health day is the best thing you can do. An effective mental health day can help you to destress, relax, recharge, adjust your mindset and manage your emotions.  

Before you plan the activities for your mental health day, it is important to decide what you need most. Would you benefit the most from spending time with your loved ones? Or from making small changes that will relieve stress in the future? Or a change in environment? As different stressors command different needs, different types of mental health days fill varying needs.


 Need 01: Relax



















More often than not, you will find that what’s important is taking a break to relax and rewind. The key is to spend time on an activity that you find relaxing and helps to clear your thoughts. Whether it is getting some sunshine vitamin from basking under the hot sun, to taking a hike, exploring new cafes, or just reading a book, immerse yourself in an activity that you find comfort in.  

 Some activities you can try:  

  • Visiting new cafes 
  • Attending a yoga class 
  • Taking a morning hike 
  • Immersing yourself in a book  
  • Pampering yourself at home: skincare, hot bath, candles etc 


Need 02: Make Changes  



















If you are overwhelmed by your emotions, workload, or other stressors, you may want to take a day to slow down and restructure things. It is difficult to eliminate all of your ongoing stressors in a day, so remember to take it slowly and do it one step at a time!   

Some baby steps you can take to eliminate stress include:  

  • Relooking at your priorities  
  • Making a list of what makes you unhappy   
  • Working on increasing your levels of satisfaction/ fulfillment  

 Making a list will help you know and understand yourself better before taking steps to make real changes in your life. See this as an opportunity to evaluate, plan and prepare yourself to work on those areas.   


Need 03: Thrill   



















The perils of modern life subject us to the same mundane routine day after day and sometimes, all you need is to feel the thrill again. If that is what you are looking for, be sure to make the most out of it by doing something novel and different! Engage yourself in an activity that you have been wanting to try for a while but have yet to do so, or something you normally love to do but don’t do often enough.  

*Tip: bring a companion along for extra fun!  

While this editorial is written to give some ideas on why it is important to take a mental break and how you can do so, we would like to highlight the importance of taking periodic breaks daily to focus on yourself as well. Making your mental health a priority will help you to live a healthier and happier life! Cheers 🙂 


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