The Laudrés Team Talks Personal

Ever wondered who is behind the Laudrés you know and love? In today’s editorial, we are going to get behind the scenes of our brand as The Laudrés Team answers all things personal about beauty and inspiration. Read on to know more about the team’s skin journey, foot-in-the-door, and skincare tips and tricks!  

[Dahlia | Product Development] 

Q1: Introduce yourself and share a little about your role in Laudrés 

Hi, I’m Dahlia! My role in Laudrés started from January 2020, back when I had just joined a biomedical startup company as their only employee and was tasked to develop a skincare product and the brand from scratch. I came up with the Laudrés brand name after weeks of brainstorming and coming up with the respective brand concepts as well. (You may find out the meaning behind Laudrés here). The reason why I created Laudrés was because as a young individual, I was becoming more and more conscious about my skin aging and was intrigued by hybrid innovative skincare products. On sourcing the skincare products to address my skin concerns, I came to realize that not all products are suitable for all skin types as each individual has different skin needs. Therefore, I wanted to create and develop hybrid products, whereby each collection consists of a primary blend for its main function and a secondary blend to address the top 5 skin concerns of today – aging skin, dehydrated/skin dryness, hyperpigmentation, dull skin and skin redness/inflammation.  

What I’m passionate about is to be able to work in a creative environment that would allow me to work towards building the definition of the beauty of tomorrow and I’m glad to be able to achieve this through Laudrés. 

Q2: What motivated you to join the beauty industry?  

Back in my university days, I attended a pharmacology module on Perfumes and Cosmetics. Before that, I had a slight existential crisis and was still trying to explore the different career possibilities after graduation. Through the module, I came to realize the relevance my Chemistry major had (yes, I majored in Chemistry!) with the beauty industry and soon grew to enjoy learning more about the different aspects of the beauty industry – cosmetics, skincare, personal care and fragrances as well. I loved it so much, I even went to further my studies with a Specialist Diploma in Cosmetic Sciences!   

Q3: What does beauty mean to you?  

Beauty, like Laudrés, is limitless and that’s the takeaway message that I’d like everyone especially those in the Laudrés community to cultivate in their daily lives.  

Q4At what age did you start your skincare journey? What spurred you in starting your skincare journey?  

I started my skincare journey at the age of 22. I went for my first trip to Korea and got inspired by the myriad of beauty products there. I caved and got my first Laneige moisturizer there to protect my skin from the dryness of the winter air! 

Q5: Describe your skincare regime in less than 10 words. 

Double cleanse, toner, Vit C/Retinol, moisturizer, SUNSCREEN! 

Q6: What is the one skin-changer product that you swear by? 

As the product developer of the Dual Serum, how could I not mention this? Our ACE Dual Serum is definitely the skin-changer product for me because my skin reacts really well to the Retinol infused in the powerhouse antioxidant formulation. Within several days of skin application, I’ve noticed that there’s a reduction in my pore sizes, my skin looks a lot more radiant, my skin texture is a lot smoother and more refined than before. All in all, I love the fact that I was able to develop a hybrid product that can rejuvenate my skin with vitamin goodness and nutrients while locking in the hydration and moisture within my skin’s surface.  

Q7: Any beauty/ skin advice you wish to share? 

Invest more on skincare so that you can invest less on makeup. Also, please don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the morning (it doesn’t matter if you’re a POC because everyone is just as susceptible to skin cancer and photoaging)! Cheers 😊 


[Jia Min | Marketing, PR & Digital] 

Q1: Introduce yourself and share a little about your role in Laudrés. 

A marketing executive for Laudrés. I plan and prepare all marketing efforts from Digital, PR, Campaigns to Socials. Everything we do on various platform are specifically curated for Laudrés by the team and I.  

Q2: What motivated you to join the beauty industry?  

The beauty industry is always evolving, I am intrigued and excited by the constant innovation in products every day. There is never a boring day when you work in beauty! 

Q3: What does beauty mean to you?  

It means that everyone can be comfortable in their own skin. Embracing their imperfections and being yourself. Beauty also allows you to be expressive and experimental.  

Q4: At what age did you start your skincare journey? What spurred you in starting your skincare journey?  

I started by skincare journey pretty late, when I am 16. I believe that’s when you hit puberty and see changes to your skin, the development of acne and occasional breakouts, that is when I started to pay more attention to taking care of my skin. 

Q5: Describe your skincare regime in less than 10 words. 

I believe in simple fussfree skincare (the lesser the products the better!) 

Q6: What is the one skin-changer product that you swear by? 

I swear by the use of Sunblock, one cannot live without applying sunblock.  

Q7: Any beauty/ skin advice you wish to share?

MASK ON- To apply a face mask every day or at least once every 2 days. I believe the power in masking regularly, be it using a sheet mask or lathering on a liquid mask your skin needs some TLC too. To also stay hydrated drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! 


[Juneyi | Marketing & PR] 

Q1: Introduce yourself and share a little about your role in Laudrés 

Behind the scenes of Laudrés, our team works hard every day to bring you the latest in skincare as well as to curate exciting content based on our products. Personally, I am managing the marketing and PR-related matters in LaudrésI have always loved communicating with others hence being able to liaise and work with KOLs is something I really enjoy doing at work. Seeing the positive feedback and insights from the KOLs and their followers on our products really encourages me in my work! I am also given autonomy to come up with strategies for our branding, communications and marketing. My efforts mainly revolved around building brand awareness for Laudrés since our brand is new to the skincare market. Lastly, I also write a lot for our editorial, press releasescontent mailers, marketing collaterals and more, which some of the media, KOLs and consumers may have come across! 

Q2: What motivated you to join the beauty industry?  

Beauty has always been central in my life and I truly am thankful to be able to pursue a career in the beauty industry when I am fresh out of school. As a consumer of the beauty industry for many years, I am intrigued to have the opportunity in becoming a producer. Being able to learn the buying and development side of beauty products has been an eye-opening experience. It has given me a chance to gain insights into the early stages of product development and also, understand what makes consumers tick. The experience thus far has also brought me closer to the beauty community  

Q3: What does beauty mean to you?  

To me, beauty means feeling good and confident about myself, wherever I am and whatever I am doing. 

Q4At what age did you start your skincare journey? What spurred you in starting your skincare journey?  

I started knowing and getting into skincare when I was 20, but only begun to do my own research as well as to apply my daily skincare regime when I was 21. Prior to that, I was more of a make-up person until I realized how important it is to start taking care of my skin from a young age. Also, the different textures, scents and formulations available in the market makes it so fun to use skincare! Graduallyvisible improvements of my skin made me fall in love with how good it feels to invest in my own skinI feel truly happy when my skin is healthy, glowing and plump! 

Q5: Describe your skincare regime in less than 10 words. 

Glowing, moisturizing, exfoliating, natural sweet scent, fun! 

Q6: What is the one skin-changer product that you swear by? 

This is difficult as there are so many products that I have tried and loved! If I have to pick one, it would be SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. As cliché as it may sound, I have never stopped repurchasing this since I have started on my very first bottle. The difference may be subtle at first, but I really do notice the change in my skin after continuous usage over the years! 

Q7: Any beauty/ skin advice you wish to share? 

Exfoliate, moisturize, and always stay hydrated. 😊 Aligned with Laudrés beliefs of skip-care, I too believe that it is important to simplify our routine and only use what is most essential and effective on our skin. Remember that less is more! 


[Ang Xin | Marketing & Design] 

Q1: Introduce yourself and share a little about your role in Laudrés.  

My name is Ang Xin and I graduated from NUS last year. I joined Laudrés as an intern initially and have now moved on to do a traineeship with them. In Laudrés, I am in charge of facilitating the digital marketing side of the brand. This includes content creation and management of our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

Q2: What motivated you to join the beauty industry?  

Since I was 16, I was very interested in cosmetics and loved experimenting and exploring new cosmetic products and trends. I always wanted to create my own line of makeup as well as designing the packaging for them so I slowly developed a greater interest in joining the beauty industry.  

Q3: What does beauty mean to you?  

Beauty means being confident in myself and my own decisions.  

Q4: At what age did you start your skincare journey? What spurred you in starting your skincare journey?  

I only started my skincare journey when I was 22. During my internship with Laudrés, I was tasked to do market research on the skincare industry. While researching, I watched many skincare and beauty influencers like skincarebyhyram and James Welsh and discovered interesting information about skincare and the wide range of skincare products available out there. I am particularly interested in Korean skincare for its ingredients, packaging and affordability.   

Q5: Describe your skincare regime in less than 10 words. 

Sunscreen is the most important skincare product you need.  

Q6: What is the one skin-changer product that you swear by? 

Dr Jart Face Mask. I’ve tried many facial masks before, but nothing was as fitting and hydrating as the Dr. Jart ones. The sheets are made of superb quality and soaked with essence. My skin feels very plump and revitalized after each use. I can’t recommend them enough.  

Q7: Any beauty/ skin advice you wish to share?

Everyone’s skincare journey is different, always be patient with yourself. Also, less is more!! I enjoy giving my skin regular “skin detox”. This means not applying any products for a few days just to let your skin breathe and not be overwhelmed with products.  

As we come to the end of our personal talks, we would like to mention that Laudrés is still in the early stages of our journey, hoping to help every individual achieve the healthy, beautiful skin they deserve. Nothing makes us happier than to see the positive feedback on our products or hearing that our content has brought you informational and new insights into skincare. We are thrilled to be a part of your skincare journey and here’s to many more exciting endeavors ahead together!  


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