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Laudrés is a skincare brand with science and innovation ingrained in its genes, creating beauty cocktails with the perfect blend of nature and science, setting a new standard in the industry.  With this in mind, we brainstormed for the brand name that could pay tribute and highlight our dual chambered signature product- the Dual Serum. Our brand is built on the key concept of duality which follows through the journey of building the brand.

The word “Laudrés” was created from the reversal wordplay of the “Dual Ser(um)” which firstly, references to our signature product and secondly, literally reflects our potent potential in reversing the impact of time and gravity on our delicate skin. The promise of Laudrés is to bask our products with the goodness of PuraKrin® and the eternal duality that resonates deep within the brand. 


The concept of duality stems from the very concept of our dual chambered Dual Serum. From here on, every aspect of Laudrés had us thinking of ‘duality’ and how we’re able to visibly portray our duality stance. Visually, our Laudrés emblem is the numerical representation of duality in the form of the Roman numerical, II.

The two aspects of II were created by intentionally combining the dual imagery of L together, whilst reversing one L to form an imagery of the Roman numeral II. While the first L stood for the initial of Laudrés , its duplicated L stood for “Limitless” as we strive to defy limits of beauty, gender, social norms and beyond.

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Inspired by the body’s innate regenerative mechanism, we developed PuraKrin® – our brand’s proprietary technology – that harnesses the power of the human body to revitalize quiescent skin cells. Backed by the technology behind PuraKrin®, we want to share its phenomenal youth-restoring benefits so that many more will be able to appreciate the beauty behind our science.

Months of careful scrutiny and screening of current skincare trends have allowed us to better understand concerns of the vast majority, including issues we’ve faced ourselves. We recognize the struggles of urban communities in this twenty-first century we’re currently living and experiencing its repercussions on our lives too. Our ‘hustle’ mindset only allows for small windows of opportunities to treat ourselves hence, making user’s convenience one of the key factors for consideration in our product development process.


The modern man and woman needed new adjectives to describe his/her new role in the modern world, and Laudrés created skincare products that supplied those adjectives – novel, unconventional and sophisticated. Laudrés is a safe space for everyone to feel empowered and to thrive in their own definition of themselves- be it having unconventional career paths, being a working parent, and/or despite having differing cultures and upbringing. “Limitless” encompasses the crossover from nature to science to beauty and art and that of endless possibilities, of limitless opportunities.

Laudrés is Limitless, and so are you.

You are Limitless.